Other stores

Www.rgb2go.com- one of my favorite vendors to purchase pixels from! Amazing customer support! 

Www.lightemuplightshows.com- he offers pre pushed props, 3d printed items, and a lot more! Check his site out! 

www.Sfl-designs.com- the best 3d printer store ever!!! He makes amazing stl’s he makes awesome parts to! 

www.Efl-designs.com-amazing props, amazing customer service Efl-designs is amazing! 

www.holidaypropshop.com- they are really good at custom props, and makes awesome props to! 

www.gilbertengineering.com- amazing props, amazing customer service! I personally love the impression props! 

www.boscoyostudio.com- amazing props! Nice matrix pannels, and mega tree mounting strips and mega tree kits! 

www.holidaycoro.com- holiday coro offer's ready to run controllers, props, and a lot more! 

www.fclightsdisplay.com- amazing pixels and amazing sequences! 

www.holidaysupplyshop.com- the best place to buy ready to run controllers! Almost any controller you need! 

www.yourpixelstore.com- they have just about everything! They have p5 pannels and everything else!

www.mattosdesigns.com- amazing props, pre pushed props, and mega tree kits! Just about anything you need!