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Push for music (bundle)

Push for music (bundle)

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Light Em' Up! Light Show’s Push For Music Control System


Video on how product:


This kit includes:



- Ready to run "Push For Music" Controller Box

- Push-button box

- 3.2-feet 2 pin extension cable x3

- 1.5-feet speaker connection cable x2

- Dual 4 ohm 200 Watt outdoor rated speakers (includes mounting brackets)


"Push For Music" Controller Box Information



What's the Hardware?

- DROK 120W Class AB AMPLIFIER Board

- DROK Timed Relay Board

- Digital FM Receiver Module (76.0MHz - 108.0MHz)

- DROK 12v - 5v Buck Converter


Additional Information



- Input Voltage: 12V

- Recomended Fuse: 5A/10A


For custom changes or special requests regarding this product please contact LEU at 

All our products are 3D printed and use PETG filament. It provides flexibility, strength, and UV resistance. All products are tested and checked for quality and function before being shipped.


Light Em’ Up does not claim ownership of DROK or their products, we are only providing their parts assembled in our controller. We are in no way affiliated with them or their company. We are also not responsible for incorrect usage of the product or damage that is caused.


We do not claim ownership of lightemuplightshows or any of there products we have full permission to sell Lightemuplightshows products . We are not responsible for improper use of there products! All products will be tested before shipped!!! 

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